Vgro Liquid Fertilizer Booster

Vgro Liquid Fertilizer

Vgro Liquid Fertilizer Booster

Vgro is our latest plant booster designed for fast-acting response whilst maintaining consistent distribution of nutrients across fields and soil. Imported from Germany, Vgro contains potent sulphate of potassium to stimulate growth and promotes photosynthesis for all types of crops to yield faster buds, flowers, or fruits production.

  • Rich in amino acids, K vitamins, and sulphate of potassium in every drop
  • Highly soluble natural fertilizer with premium plant extracts for rapid results
  • Effective multi-nutrient bio fertilizer doubles as plant growth regulators and strengthens soil microbes
  • Organically sustainable liquid fertilizer with zero residues

Benefits of Vgro Liquid Fertilizer Booster

  • Multi-nutrient fertilizerblends for maximum yield
  • Nurture bigger buds and flowers
  • Effective soil conditioner with high pH
  • Suitable for fertigation and hydroponics
  • 100% safe to environmental and animals
  • Supports strong and healthy roots growth

Nutrient Analysis

Nitrogen (N2) 3 %
Phosphorous (P205) 3 %
Sulphate of Potash 14 %
Amino Acid 17 %
Organic Matter 20 %
pH 9 %
Sulphur 3.5 %
Magnesium ( MgO) Trace
Calcium Trace

Trace Elements: Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Iron


Crops Time of Application Number of Application Dosage
Flowers Vgro Water
Chrysanthemum, Orchids Formation of Small Buds Foliar Spray 1 X 2 weeks 10ml 5ltr
Rose Flowering Stage
Jasmine, All type Nursery flower Pre blossom Stage/ Formation of Green Buds
Vegetables 30-35 Days Harvest
Pak Choy, Sawi Bunga, Lettuce, Spring Onion, Cabbage, Corinder, All Leafy Vegetables Start 2 Weeks After Planting / During Vegetative Stage Foliar Spray and Hydroponics, Once every 7- 10 days 10ml 5ltr
Radish, Sweet Potato Start 2 weeks after planting / During Vegetative Stage Start of First Flowering Cycle to be repeated for every 10 days intervals Once every 7 -10 days 10ml 5ltr
Japanese Cucumber, Tomato Once every 10 days
Mint Leaves Once every 10-14 days
Passion Fruit, Nenas, Watermelon, Dragon Fruit, Limau Nipis Apply spray either to the soil before blossom and setting for fruiting 2 weeks once 1ltr 200ltr
Durian, Avocado, Jackfruit, Coconut Once every 30 days 1ltr 100ltr

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